Woman Stays At A Shelter To Comfort Dogs With A Devastating Past

There are so many abandoned dogs who are suffering in numerous ways all over the world. Although it’s hard to give a good life to each and every one of them, dog shelters do their best to make their lives more comfortable. Shelters function with the kindness and hard work of volunteers who genuinely love animals. Dream Of A Safe Haven (DASH), which is one of the largest dog shelters in Greece, is also made of volunteers who strive to provide better and happier lives to dogs with devastating pasts.

DASH dog shelter

In DASH, volunteers from across the globe work together, rescuing isolated, neglected, injured, exploited, and sick dogs. They also take in dogs that have faced other damaging circumstances. According to Carina, one of the volunteers at DASH, they have rescued dogs that have faced extremely unfortunate incidents such as being shot, struck by a car, used in fights, and many other terrible things. She states that because of this, it’s absolutely normal for them to be nervous, shy, and even aggressive around new people.

DASH dog shelter

However, Carina reveals that for her, the opposite was true. The dogs at the shelter welcomed her with happy smiles, exciting barks, and wagging tails. Isn’t that incredible?

DASH dog shelter

The starting point of DASH was when Katerina Pesonis, an avid dog-lover, wanted to create a safe haven for dogs. She has dedicated her entire life to looking after dogs. She even lives in a trailer at the shelter, and this allows her to care for hundreds of dogs daily.

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Despite their traumatic pasts, the dogs at DASH are very cheerful and social. The volunteers at the shelter give them the best possible care and fill their lives with love and affection. Carina says that just like the dogs, everybody who strives to give them a second chance at life is truly amazing. So, what are your thoughts about DASH? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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