Guy Spends Six Months Recreating Van Gogh Painting Using Plants

Have you ever seen a magnificent Van Gogh painting lying on your freeway? I bet you haven’t. If so, this story is for you. Stan Herd, an artist aged 67 from Eagan, Minnesota, turned a field into Van Gogh’s “Olive Trees”, which was painted in 1889.

Since 1981, Herd has been making such artworks or ‘earthworks’. On his website, Herd wrote that when he was in his late 20’s, he realized that in order to create his monumental earthworks, he needed many skills beyond designing and actually bringing the work to life. Skills in public relations, communications, media relations, logistics, and fundraising are some of these important additional skills.


Van Gogh painting recreated


Van Gogh painting recreated

His most recent project, Van Gogh’s ‘Olive Trees’ which spans 1.2 acres, took 6 months to be completed. This amazing earthwork included lots of mowing, digging, and planting. All of these were commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This wonderful artwork mainly consists of large native plants and materials, and it is visible to the Minneapolis airport too.


Van Gogh painting recreated


Van Gogh painting recreated


Van Gogh painting recreated

Creating such stunning earthworks is Herd’s unique way of connecting with his favorite artists. Also, for art-lovers, artworks recreated using plants and other natural materials will definitely be a new and refreshing experience.


Van Gogh painting recreated


Van Gogh painting recreated

Stan Herd’s amazing work of art is no longer there. However, you can check out his website for more of his works. If you found this story interesting, make sure to check out this guy who spent four years growing a tree church! Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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