Building In Milan Gets ‘Unzipped’ By Sculptor For Incredible Art Installation

Alex Chinneck, a British sculptor, has installed an absolutely incredible sculpture in Milan, bringing his unique illusions to Italy. At the same time as the Milan Design Week, this amazing sculptor unzipped this facade of a building. As claimed by Chinneck, this is his most ambitious work. Not only the mindblowing external appearance, but the interior too contains some more zipper-themed installations. This gives viewers the opportunity to have an immersive and cohesive experience.

Chinneck has been collaborating with the IQOS brand of Philip Morris in order to transform the architecture of the building. He made use of chunky masonry, which is typically used in Italian architecture, to create the zipper and the ‘peeled’ back layer of the building. A glowing light that changes the light from white to blue is revealed by this.


Unzipped building in Milan


Unzipped building in Milan


Unzipped building in Milan

Chinneck states that he loves giving fluidity to things that are usually inflexible, transcending their solid, material nature. Chinneck still has not given a clear explanation about the way he managed to peel back the 56-foot wide facade. In the past, he utilized a mixture of cement and flexible materials to create his unique illusions.

Chinneck’s first installation in Italy consisted of several sculptures. When you step inside this, you’ll be greeted with two more amazing sculptures. One is on the wall and the other is on the floor.


Unzipped building in Milan


Unzipped building in Milan


Unzipped building in Milan

In his attempt the create the expected circular zip, he had to excavate and repour the entire cement floor. This is truly a testament to his dedication. The bright light emanating from behind the zipper rounds up the breathtaking work. This not only fills the space with color but also gives a sensation of positivity and potential to this breathtaking creation.

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