You Have To Look Twice To Understand These Misleading Photos

As claimed by certain scientific studies, the human brain doesn’t always want to understand what is seen by the eyes. Instead of trying to understand a strange object or occurrence, the brain often attempts to imagine something more common. Seeing a monster’s paw instead of a branch of a tree and imaging scary faces in place of regular shadows can be cited as examples.

We’re pretty sure that even the people who took the below pictures have no idea what is happening in them. It’s hard to understand, but let’s and figure them out together. Check out the hilarious pictures below, and make sure to share your favorites in the comment section!

#1 Not Sure If It’s An Arm Or A Leg

Misleading photos

#2 I Approve Of These Comfy Cuddles

Misleading photos
© hankledankle / imgur

#3 Did The Dog Just Disappear?

Misleading photos
© serbir / pikabu

#4 Walking Up These Stairs During The Night Is Strictly Not Recommended

Misleading photos
© Cyreniac / reddit

#5 A Truck That Is Carrying A Car Is Towing Another Truck That’s Carrying A Car

Misleading photos
© unknown / reddit

#6 The Rain Has Dried On This Wall In Such A Way That The Positions Of Stairs Inside The Building Are Visible

Misleading photos
© crayfl / reddit

#7 When Something Goes Terribly Wrong But You Chose To Ignore It

Misleading photos
© Prostoilogin / pikabu

#8 The Character Of This Bin Is Not That Good

Misleading photos
© Ruti / pikabu

#9 We Don’t Know Everything About Mario

Misleading photos
© rebexca16ansell / reddit

#10 The Lights Reflected On The Floor Has Created Images Of Racing Cars

Misleading photos
© cnuguk / pikabu

#11 A Motorcyclist And His Long-Legged Girlfriend

Misleading photos
© dopreS0891 / pikabu

#12 Parking For The Long-Term

Misleading photos
© swiftestcat / reddit

#13 This Picture Looks Like The Chair Is Broken

Misleading photos
© thegoatiedoodie / reddit

#14 This Is An Apple-Shaped Pumpkin That Looks Like A Watermelon

Misleading photos
© WhovianSushi / reddit

#15 A Drawer That’s Fading Away

Misleading photos
© Dr_Dewey / reddit

#16 Is This Door Really Okay?

Misleading photos
© crazycockerels / reddit

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