Two Adorable Albino Alligator Babies Born At Wild Florida Zoo

Albinism, a rare inherited genetic disorder, can affect humans, animals, and even plants. This disorder results in a complete or partial deficiency in the production of melanin, which is the natural pigment that brings about the color of hair, eyes, skin, etc. I’m sure you have heard of albino animals. However, if you haven’t seen an albino alligator yet, this story is for you. In Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park in Kenansville, Florida, a couple of albino alligators were born, and the hatchlings are just too adorable.

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When the animal park posted the pics of the alligator duo on its official Facebook, the people were stunned by their striking and unique appearance. Crocodilian reptiles usually come in a variety of colors. In dark-skinned gators, a blackish-grey color can be generally seen, and in light-skinned gators, light brown or olive green colors can be seen.

Albino alligators

As mentioned above, although albinism in reptiles is a quite rare phenomenon, it’s not non-existent. As claimed by biologists, the number of albino gators in the world is around 100.

Albino alligators

The skin of albino gators is ivory-colored and their eyes are light pink. A recessive gene that’s passed from parents to offspring is the cause of this condition. However, for albinism to be present in the offspring, the gene should be present in both parents. In Wild Florida, there are two adult albino gators, a male named Blizzard and a female named Snowflake. With this couple, the animal park hopes to breed more of these rare creatures.

Albino alligators

Two Albino Alligators Were Newly Born In Wild Florida

Albino alligators
Source – corbinmaxey / Instagram

Last August, the couple gave birth to five baby gators, of which only one is albino. A year later, the couple produced a total of 18 eggs, of which two have inherited the albino gene. The animal part was excited to announce that both of them are in good health. However, they emphasized that they will need intensive care before the public can see them.

Albino alligators
Source – haleysage11 / Instagram

Due to the absence of melanin in albino alligators, they are deprived of camouflage protection that greatly assists their survival in the wild. Also, since their skin is not protected against harmful UV rays, albino animals can be subjected to severe sunburns as well. Because of this, they can’t survive in the wild for long. H0wever, those born in captivity are properly taken care of in special enclosures, helping them live longer. So, check out the pics and videos above and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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