12 Tweets That Prove True Sisterhood Does Exists

Female friendships are often looked at from a skeptical gaze. Can women be honest and sincere friends? Do jealousy and rivalry override the sense of sisterhood among women? Can women root for each other’s success as genuinely as men do, or at least we assume them to do? This stereotyping of female friendships as “shallow” and unyielding cannot be farther from the truth. regardless of their gender, may have these unpleasant emotions and crave revenge if they’ve been treated unfairly. And this shouldn’t belittle women’s ability to deeply care about each other and be ready to always lend a hand. Women not only share close and healthy bonds as friends, but they can also play a key role in ensuring their friends’ success.

Research whose findings were published in Harvard Business Review last year revealed that “Women who were in the top quartile of centrality and had a female-dominated inner circle of 1-3 women landed leadership positions that were 2.5 times higher in authority and pay than those of their female peers lacking this combination.” Which can loosely be translated as – if you have strong and successful close female friends then your chances to have a flourishing career are higher.

The research further reveals that the gender composition of men’s networks didn’t matter when it comes to job placement. The reason for this could be that “men don’t need the kind of gender-related private information that women need to navigate male-dominated professions.”

We at Epic Universe strongly believe that strong female friendships exist. Still unsure? Then just read these tweets with real stories from the girls who got support not only from their female friends but also from women they had never met before.













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