Baby Elephant Trapped Inside A Well For More Than A Hour, Rescued

If you are one of those heartless people who believe that animals don’t have feelings and that they don’t experience emotional pain, this story is a must-read for you. This baby elephant was trapped inside a well, and it was desperately trying to dig itself free using its trunk. The moment that the baby elephant was rescued was truly heart-wrenching, and it proves that animals too experience emotions such as love and empathy.

The little giant fell into a well while walking around in a forest in Kerala. The water well was not in use, so the baby elephant couldn’t climb out. The painful trumpeting and crying of the animal alerted the residents of Kuttampuzha village. The villagers managed to contact a rescue team for help.


Trapped baby elephant rescued


Trapped baby elephant rescued


Trapped baby elephant rescued

The rescue team dug the sides of the well using an excavator. This created a makeshift path that allowed the baby elephant to climb back to safety. The rescuers were very careful with their work so that the baby elephant won’t be injured by the excavator’s backhoe.

Villagers stayed around and watched the baby elephant getting rescued. When it was finally freed, everybody cheered. At first, the baby elephant found it difficult to stand up due to being too tired. But, it did manage to safely climb out of the well eventually. Much to everybody’s relief, the baby elephant only suffered some minor injuries.


Trapped baby elephant rescued


Trapped baby elephant rescued


Trapped baby elephant rescued

While the baby elephant was being rescued, its mother and the rest of the herd waited near the well. When it was finally able to climb out, the elephant family was eager to welcome their beloved member. Their reunion was truly heartwarming. Before going back to the forest, the mother turned to the people as raised her trunk, as if thanking the people for rescuing her baby.

Watch The Baby Elephant Being Rescued In The Video Below

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