Stunning Rock Formation In Thailand Looks Like A Crashed Spaceship

Thailand, a country rich in both natural and cultural splendors, welcomes over 34 million tourists annually. The ‘Three Whale Rock’ is located at the top of the Hin Sam Wan mountain in Phu Sing, Bueng Kang Province. This majestic rock formation is 75 million years old and looks like a crashed spaceship when observed from above.

The tops of this set of rocks that look like a family of whales are eroded from people walking on them. Because of this, the rocks look like metallic copper at a distance. To reach this impressive set of rocks, it takes an intense yet breathtakingly memorable hike. Visitors are provided with all the facilities needed to explore this surreal landscape in an eco-friendly manner.

Three Whale Rock

There’s a vantage point on these massive rocks from which you can see the Mekong beaches and the Phu Wua forest. Also, the mountains in Pakkading district, Laos too can be viewed from here.

To reach this stunning site, nine different hiking routes are available, and visitors can choose according to their preferences. On the way to the Three Whale Rock, visitors can witness beautiful waterfalls and a wide variety of fauna and flora. In addition to that, visitors can also experience the calmness and peace in the wild.

Three Whale Rock

A complete exploration of this extremely attractive site can easily take up a day. The sunset at the Three Whale Rock is quite spectacular. The sight of the giant fireball going down over Thailand from behind a massive rock will definitely be a sight to remember.

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