This German Shepherd Named Sarge Adopts Abandoned Fawns

It’s not an exaggeration to say that dogs are truly friendly, caring, and faithful towards not only their human owners but other animals too. They do not hesitate to open their kind hearts to anyone in need of love and affection, and they are brave animals that will always be there for you. This wholesome story is also about a truly compassionate German Shepherd named Sarge, who treats orphaned fawns with love.

Cheryl Stephen, Sarge’s owner, is a really kind-hearted lady who adopted so many abandoned animals, throughout the years. Sarge, being the affectionate and caring dog he is, treats all the animals adopted by his owner in a friendly way. However, he took a special liking to a fawn named Buckwheat. Buckwheat. who’s a really endearing animal, is the first fawn to be adopted by Cheryl. Sarge developed a friendship with Buckwheat on the first day itself and became her guardian. Sarge not only became Buchwheat’s friend but also actively took part in taking care of the fawn. He followed Buckwheat everywhere, ensuring that the fawn is safe and sound. Needless to say, Sarge is almost like a mother to the fawn.

When Buckwheat grew up, matured, and became independent, he started exploring his surroundings alone. When this happened, Sarge always brought him back. When Cheryl finally sent Buckwheat back to the wild, Sarge was really heartbroken. Because of this, Cheryl was worried that Sarge won’t be able to give the same love and compassion to other animals. However, Sarge proved her wrong, as he showed equal affection towards other animals adopted by Cheryl. So, what are your thoughts about this wholesome story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


German Shepherd adopts fawns


German Shepherd adopts fawns


German Shepherd adopts fawns


German Shepherd adopts fawns

Image credits: Cheryl Stephen

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