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This Dazzling Cocktail Dress Is Handmade Using More Than 2000 Pennies

When we have change, we usually just put them inside a piggy bank. However, some people chose to do things differently, such as using the coins to make stunning creations. An artist named Shay Rose, aka Crescent Shay, used over 2000 pennies to create an absolutely magnificent garment. This is none other than a dazzling cocktail dress with a bottom fringe and cross-back straps.

Shay, aged 22, has gained popularity in social media for her greatly imaginative projects such as this transformative green screen dress. For this one, she first collected hundreds and hundreds of pennies. Then, after cleaning them well, she drilled holes along the sides of the coins. By doing this, she was able to sew the coins together, creating the bodice and the skirt. When the copper pieces are put together, the dress looked totally incredible.

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Shay showed off the masterpiece on her social media accounts, presenting the breathtaking view where the coins are glowing in the sunlight, thanks to their lustrous effect. When you look at the beautiful dress at a distance, the shiny copper pieces sewed together give off a lovely sequined effect. The 2,652 pennies blend together perfectly, creating a mesmerizing view. When you study the dress closely, however, you can observe the intricate details and the effort and dedication put into creating the dress. So, what are your thoughts about this dress? Check out the pictures below and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Also, follow Shay on her social media accounts to stay updated about her future projects.


Dazzling dress


Dazzling dress


Dazzling dress


Dazzling dress


Dazzling dress


Dazzling dress

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