The Very First Photo Captured By James Webb Telescope Of NASA Has Surpassed Expectations

The James Webb Telescope of NASA, which was launched on the 25th of December, is really close to becoming the successor to the legendary Hubble Telescope. Since its launch, the James Webb Telescope has been enduring a quite complicated process to prepare itself to take high-resolution space images. Recently, the telescope was able to achieve a significant goal related to its purpose. It took its first fully focused image of a star by aligning all its mirrors, and the results have exceeded NASA’s expectations.

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As claimed by Scott Acton, the Wavefront Sensing and Controls Scientist, the JWT has been able to take the highest resolution images of space. In every aspect, it has performed much better than what was predicted by the models. Without a doubt, the entire team that tirelessly worked for this moment was delighted by the news.

James Webb Telescope
James Webb Telescope

In this incredibly taken test image, there’s a bright star in the center. This is surrounded by multiple stars and galaxies. This crystal clear image indeed makes us excited about what to expect from the James Webb Telescope in the future. It provides us with a thrilling preview of what can be achieved by the JWT once it’s fully functional.

James Webb Telescope
Artist rendition of the NASA Webb Telescope (Photo: NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique GutierrezCC BY 2.0)

In order to capture this image, the telescope has to align all of its 18 primary mirrors. The JWT succeeded in doing so, which is a really critical step. The team freshly completed another alignment stage where they test every single optical parameter of the telescope, known as “fine phasing.” However, the process of alignment which began in February isn’t over. It takes around three months to be completed. In the upcoming six weeks, all the imaging instruments in the telescope will be fine-tuned by the team.

If everything proceeds smoothly, the JWT will be able to take its first high-resolution image of the cosmos this summer. Still, this striking test photo is a fine preview of what the James Webb Telescope will deliver in the future.

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