The Largest Sea Turtle In The World Arrives At The Perfect Moment

Currently, seven species of sea turtles exist in the world. Among them, the largest species is the Leatherback turtle, and this interesting story is about them. There’s a special reason why this species is called “Leatherback” turtles. Instead of a hard shell, these unique turtles have leather skin on their back. This leather skin is very thick and it’s unique to leatherback turtles.

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These animals are experts at diving. In fact, they can remain underwater for roughly 85 minutes. Similar to other turtle species, female leatherback turtles come to the surface in order to lay eggs. After digging up holes on the shore and laying eggs, they head back, legging baby turtles to find their way to the ocean on their own.

World's Biggest Sea Turtle

The favorite prey of leatherback turtles is jellyfish, and they have really sharp jaws to tear through their food. This magnificent sea turtle was spotted lying on the sandy beach, taking a rest. It was probably taking a break from traveling the world by itself. Isn’t it incredible to be able to see a massive sea turtle randomly lying around on the beach? It’s definitely not an experience many people can experience.

World's Biggest Sea Turtle

Another mind-blowing fact about leatherback turtles is the length of their fins. They can grow fins that are almost 9-feet taller than that of other turtle species. Isn’t that amazing? It’s truly a one-of-a-kind chance to get to see this striking creature in real life.

World's Biggest Sea Turtle

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