Surreal Moment Polar Bear Appears To Wave Like Humans To Photographer In Alaska

In this picture, you can see two cute polar bear cubs waving to the camera. As a photographer, Keene thought it was very unusual to see the waves move in the same way humans wave to each other.

The curious cubs stood on their hind legs to watch the other family troop pass by. One of the young bears, who was having a hard time standing, reached out with his paw.

She is a clinical pharmacist who lives in Kaktovik, Alaska. She was at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge when she saw the bears.

Keene said that, as a photographer, seeing the waves move was like something out of a dream. Though she knew it was just the cub moving to keep its balance as it stood up, she pressed the shutter as fast as she could to get the picture in focus as their boat rocked and moved away.

Because of the setting’s character, with its mounds of snow and the wintery-grey backdrop, that event represents exactly the type of thing for which you always hope to be in the right place.

There were two families of bears with a mother and two cubs on the islands that day. Their bear guide, Ketil Reitan looked around and found them.

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