Sugar Land Man Catches Massive Alligator Gar Behemoth Weighing 300 Pounds

We have all come across incidents where people have caught extraordinarily sized animals. However, have you ever seen an alligator gar behemoth weighing a whopping 300 pounds? This man named Payton Moore from Sugar Land, Texas caught exactly that while fishing in a Houston bayou.

Alligator gar behemoth

Moore is a conservation educator, and informally identifies himself as a ‘YouTube angler’. In the past, he worked as an educator at the Houston Zoo. Therefore, he possesses all sorts of equipment that are used to lure giant fish.

Alligator gar behemoth

As claimed by Moore, the alligator gar behemoth is among the largest freshwater fish that have been caught on the rod. Needless to say, it’s the largest to be caught on camera, which is why his YouTube video took the internet by storm. He stated that it was indeed a unique catch.

Alligator gar behemoth

In the video, Moore is seen battling the fish for over 15 minutes in a Houston Bayou. Moore states that whenever the fish stumbles forward, he can get pulled into the water. The alligator gar he caught turned out to be 8 feet in length and 300 pounds in weight. Isn’t that incredible?

Moore states in the video that it’s rare for fish to reach that size. In fact, in the past 50 to 60 years, only a few have been verifiably recorded.

Watch The Video Below For More Info

He hopes that by watching his channel, people can get educated and change their perspectives. He wants his audience to try and deduce how such amazing fish connects to history. He also wants people to recognize the importance of fish to the existence of our ecosystem. So, watch the video above and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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