This Stunning Parrot Is Conspicuous In Nature

Without a doubt, the most attractive and eye-catching feature of a bird is its plumage. The uniqueness of a bird, and how they are addressed as a part of nature is also heavily dependant on their plumage. Astonishingly, so many birds are presented with the gift of a unique plumage, and obviously, these striking birds attract all the attention of us humans.

Many parrots possess vibrant and gorgeous looks. Their plumage is vividly colorful, making them greatly stand out in nature. The red-fan parrot is common for birds with an extraordinary plumage. The male red-fan parrot is endowed with a stunning red neck fan with blue edges, green wings, and a brown face with whiteish streaks. The chest and the belly of this bird contain red and blue streaks. He also has grey feet and a greyish-black tail. Surprisingly, the male and female red-fan parrots are virtually indistinguishable from one another.


Red-fan parrot
Source – Instagram/birdsonearth


Red-fan parrot
Source –  Instagram/birdsonearth


Red-fan parrot
Source – Bobby / CC BY 2.0


Red-fan parrot
Source –  Instagram/dustinchen0728

Also known as the Hawk-Headed parrot, these creatures are native to South America. They are particularly common in the Amazon Basin, from the Guanas and the eastern part of northern Brazil. They can be found in several other regions such as southeastern Colombia, northeastern Peru, and southern Venezuela as well. In the present, however, these beautiful creatures are listed as a threatened species, despite their wide distribution. Caged-bird trading and destruction of habitats is the reason for this.

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The preferred habitats of red-fan parrots include forest and savannah woodlands that have an altitude of 400 meters. These habitats make it very convenient for them to feed on canopy fruits such as palm fruits and guava. These birds also feed on seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables as well.


Red-fan parrot
Source –  Instagram/gt_the_hawkheaded_parrot


Red-fan parrot
Source – Instagram/brunnoesa


Red-fan parrot
Source –  Instagram/ohmygoat1


Red-fan parrot
Source – Instagram/danieljduany

The breeding period of these stunning creatures is from November to April. After finding a mate, a nest is built by the female bird. She builds this in an abandoned woodpecker hole at an altitude of around 10 meters. After that, she lays around 2-3 eggs. She incubates her eggs for roughly 28 days. The chickens will be fed by the mother bird for up to 9-10 weeks. So, check out these amazing birds and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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