9 Reasons Why Sometimes Its Better To Stay Single

Doesn’t matter if you’ve just left a toxic relationship, or always been single, staying single doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Remember, it’s always better to be single than to waste your life with the wrong person.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you are a complete entity on your own. Although a good partner can positively compliment you, you don’t need another person to complete you. It’s true that people need to interact with society in order to be mentally healthy, but your happiness and mental stability should never depend on another person. Read on to learn some positive impacts of staying single!

#1 Live On Your Own Terms

Living alone

Remember when all you dreamt was to grow up and live the way you want? Living alone lets you make your own rules without answering anyone. You can play music as loud as you want and dance all day, or else you can sleep in your pajamas the whole day; your choice!

If you want to spend the whole night partying, you have that option. If you want to have sleepovers with friends, you can do that too, no one will bat an eye. You don’t have to ask permission from anyone to act on your wishes.

#2 Design Your Home The Way You Want

Most couples clash on how to decorate their homes, even the most devoted ones. If you’re single, you can design your space the way you want, and you won’t have to compromise on anything. Even when you get bored of one theme, you can always change your home to fit your preference, without considering the opinion of anybody else.

#3 More Personal Space

If you’re single, you don’t have to share your space with others. All of the closet space will be yours, and the bathroom will be available always. You can take long, leisurely showers without being disturbed by anyone. And most importantly, you don’t need to share your snacks!

Living alone

#4 No Extra Messes

Having to clean up each other’s messes is a major complaint of people who live together. If you’re living solo, the only mess you will have to clean up will be yours. Although you’re the neat freak or the messy one, you can spend your day the way you want if you’re single.

#5 You Get Your Own Room

If you’re single, you will have the whole bed to yourself. You can have both sides of the bed and the blankets all for yourself. If you’re someone who needs a nightlight to fall asleep, but your partner needs complete darkness, it won’t be easy to live with him/her. One of you will have to sacrifice comfort and compromise. Such inconveniences won’t occur if you’re living alone.

#6 No Fighting Over The Thermostat

Do you ever feel like you’re in a hot flash and your partner decides to turn up the heat, or the other way around? Such issues won’t happen when living alone. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, without having to compromise for somebody else’s needs.

#7 You Own The Remote

Don’t you find it absolutely annoying when you want to watch your favorite cooking show, but your partner wants to watch football matches? If you live solo, you won’t have this issue. You will be the sole controller of the remote and all other technological devices in the house.

Living alone

#8 No Pet Dilemma

Not everyone is animal people. While many people are usually torn between cats and dogs, some don’t like either of them. On the other hand, some want their houses to be hoarded with pets. Your preference for animals can easily clash with that of your partner’s. If you live alone, you can fully live the way you please!

#9 Solo Living Saves Money

Although married people usually have two incomes, utility costs and expenses for other services increases when there are two or more people at home. If you live solo, you will be able to save money for essentials, and your bills will be lower.

Living alone doesn’t mean that you’re completely turning your back to society. It just means that you’re choosing yourself and your happiness over society’s expectations. So prioritize yourself unapologetically, and live the way you want!

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