Starving And Defeated Senior Dog Keeps Wagging His Tail After Being Rescued

When animals are rescued from an unfortunate situation, their joy and happiness are obvious in their behavior. They express their heartfelt gratitude in various ways, which are truly heartwarming. This is also such a story. This starving dog named Holden weighed only 22 pounds when he was found. The police found and picked him up during a drug raid and took him to a shelter that was quite overcrowded.

When Holden arrived at the shelter, there was no space for him. Therefore, in a plea for help, they stated that he should at least weigh 25 lbs. But, he only weighed 14 lbs. Holden was extremely hungry and it was obvious that’s he’s been starving. He was desperately looking around for food. Holden kept searching even the cat kennels, trying to have anything to eat. Since the animal shelter had no space inside for Holden, the shelter placed him on a big and comfortable blanket in the intake area. Since he was a really friendly and well-behaved dog, the people at the animal shelter were determined to find a loving forever home for Holden.

That’s when Releash Atlanta adopted the 10-year-old Labrador mix. After examining him, they discovered that there was a 7-pound tumor attached to his spleen. Because of this, even the most basic life functions such as breathing and eating were extremely difficult for Holden. Fortunately, he successfully underwent surgery and is now happy and healthy. After his surgery, Holden kept wagging his tail happily. Then, he was fostered by Melissa Lentz, a well-experienced rescuer. So, share your thoughts about this heartwarming story in the comments.


Rescued senior dog


Rescued senior dog


Rescued senior dog


Rescued senior dog

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