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This Enormous Sand Sculpture Of The Lincoln Memorial Has A Crumbling Base

This incredible statue of Abraham Lincoln is built on a beach in Port Aransas, Texas. In the massive sand sculpture, Lincoln is seen sitting in anguish. The sculpture shows Lincoln’s head buried in his hand and he’s sitting on top of a crumbling monument. This scene is breathtaking as well as pivotal because Lincoln and his throne are all sculpted using sand. The creator behind this incredible work is  Damon Langlois. This sculpture that features America’s 16th president is incredibly detailed and ‘cracks’ can be seen in the seat base. The amazing sculpture is named ‘Liberty Crumbling’. Recently, it won the 23rd annual Texas SandFest, coming in the first place. It is the largest native sand sculpture competition that’s held in the United States.


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture

Without a doubt, Damon’s reimagined Lincoln Memorial is not based on the present state of domestic and world affairs. He states that the reason for the sculpture to appeal to a broad range of people is that no matter who you vote for, everybody relates to the sculpture in one way or another.


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture


Lincoln memorial sand sculpture

Working under lots of time pressure, Damon took four days to complete the sculpture. Making the pound-up has taken an entire day. This consists of sand which is compacted to wooden forms using lots of water. After that, it’s carved away to reveal the sculpture. Damon states that he is passionate about this art because he enjoys its physical and mental intensity. Also, he loves how it mixes factors like artistry, engineering, perseverance, character, and illusion.

So, what are your thoughts about this amazing sculpture? Check out these pictures and let us know in the comments!

Damon Langlois: Website | Instagram

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