You Can Literally Walks On This River Filled With Trash

We’ve all seen huge piles of rubbish, but what about a whole river filled with rubbish to the brim? Furthermore, a river where a person is capable of walking on the rubbish instead of sinking in the water? An absolutely shocking set of pictures shows a man walking on water, due to the massive amount of rubbish accumulated in it.

This huge pile was spotted in the Sarapui river in Brazil. The river flows through a rainforest national park in Rio de Janeiro state, in south-eastern Brazil. On the morning of the 6th of November, images of a barefooted man walking on this pile of rubbish were captured. He balanced himself on plastics, cans, bottles, wood, and other discarded materials. He even waved at the camera which was recording him from above.

Sarapui river
Credits – Newsflash

According to the images, the enormous pile of rubbish was seen extending to the Mendanha State Park. It’s a forest in Rio de Janeiro which is very rich in biodiversity, home to jaguarundis, lowland pacas, and tufted capuchins. The forested region was declared a national park in 2013, with the ultimate motive of conserving the region’s water resources.

The Sarapui river extends over 36 kilometers through the state of Rio de Janeiro. It often causes floods due to soil impermeability and the reduction of space needed for the water flow. Even the authorities acknowledge the extreme pollution of the Sarapui river as a general problem. Millions of Brazilians living in areas through which this river flows are unable to access basic sanitation.

Sarapui river
Credits – Newsflash

This area visibly needs the help of Tom Caddick and his family. They run a family business that removes millions of plastics and rubbish from oceans worldwide.

Tom Caddick
Credits – Water Witch

The business was started by Tom’s great-grandfather in the 1960s. He invented a boat called the Water Witch which skims debris off the water surface to be taken away. The family business has been running strong for fifty years.

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