20 Most Heartwarming Rescue Pet Photos Of March

Out of numerous good things that can happen in a month, getting a monthly dose of happy and adorable pictures of pets is surely the best. Also, is there anything that’s more wholesome than cute and cuddly fluffballs finding their forever homes? Check out the most heartwarming pics of adopted animals of March Below, and those of FebruaryJanuary, and December too.

As claimed by the RSPCA, one of the few positive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant increase in the adoption of pets. Amidst so many unfortunate COVID-19 lockdowns, a rapid interest in adopting and rehoming pets in shelters has been noted. A representative from RSPCA stated: “Since lockdown started, on March 23, to December 31 the RSPCA’s Find a Pet section of the website had 39,835,657 views compared to 23,681,542 in the same period the previous year”. This is a noteworthy rise of 68%.

#1 Nothing Compares To The Cuteness Of Shelter Dogs

Rescue pets of March
Source – cammykiki

#2 Before And After Adoption

Rescue pets of March
Source – teepurr

#3 She Finally Found Her Forever Home At 13-Years-Old

Rescue pets of March
Source – Gland120proof

#4 She’s Happy That Her Brother Too Was Adopted

Rescue pets of March
Source – thewinds0fshit

#5 He Looks Like A Baby Hippo

Rescue pets of March
Source – cyrilgoldenrock

Data suggests that there has been a considerable rise in pet ownership during the pandemic. Between January and July 2020, Google keyword searches for ‘puppies near me’ saw a rise of 650%. Not only that, but ‘Adopting a dog’ witnessed a 204% search increase, and ‘Kittens near me’ saw a 188% increase. As suggested by government figures, licenses issued for commercial import of dogs increased by 87%.

#6 He Looks A Little Too Comfortable

Rescue pets of March
Source – Aritmico

#7 Meet Grandpa Todd!

Rescue pets of March
Source – Typical_White_Girl

#8 Say Hi To Rocky!

Rescue pets of March
Source – stormshadow1810

#9 Billy Mae Was So Excited To Come Home With Us!

Rescue pets of March
Source – iDontMindu

#10 Just Got Home From Adopting This Fella!

Rescue pets of March
Source – D_Poner57

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association of the United Kingdom also confirmed the surge of pet ownership using a Covid-19 Pet Survey. This survey revealed that 35% of young adults got new pets. Also, Pets4Homes, an online marketplace, stated that the demand for puppies increased by 104% during May 2020, which was the peak of lockdown.

#11 The Best Roommate Ever

Rescue pets of March
Source – Herewegoagain49

#12 Now I’m The Mama Of This Munchkin

Rescue pets of March
Source – saidiecat

#13 This Girl Is Incredibly Sweet

Rescue pets of March
Source – catswinemfm

#14 My Parents Adopted An Absolute Cuddler!

Rescue pets of March
Source – GreatKingCodyGaming

#15 Murphy Was Rescued Three Days Ago

Rescue pets of March
Source – Hauserdontpreach

Dermot Murphy, the head of the animal rescue teams at RSPCA, stated that there are some inevitable downsides 0f the surge of the adoption of pets. One major concern is that many people might have bought pets on impulse, and they might be neglected once the lifestyle of the owners goes back to normal after the pandemic. Also, due to economic crises and financial difficulties faced by everyone, many people might find it hard to afford pets. Murphy urges people to thoroughly do their research and make sure they can provide their pets with the required time, care, and other necessities, before deciding to adopt. He revealed that he fears that lots of animals might be neglected and abandoned when life returns to normal.

#16 Look At This Cutie!

Rescue pets of March
Source – duythanh_nguyen

#17 Meet Arwen!

Rescue pets of March
Source – iamtombombadil

#18 Best Friends

Rescue pets of March

#19 Pickle Is So Affectionate

Rescue pets of March
Source – maclikesthesea

#20 Welcome Chopper!

Rescue pets of March
Source – chaoticbellezza

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