Extreemly Rare Green Puppy Born In Italy

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a very strange year. With the things that happened so far, I don’t think you’ll be too surprised to hear that a dog in Italy gave birth to a bright green puppy.

Jokes aside, there is no doubt that this is an extremely rare spectacle for a dog to be born with green-colored fur. It is believed to occur when dogs with pale fur are stained by the “meconium” in the mother’s womb, which is the earliest stool produced by an infant animal.

green puppy italy

It could also have been caused by a green pigment in the mother’s womb called biliverdin, the same pigment that causes the green color in bruises.

Rancher Cristian Mallocci, who lives on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the green-furred puppy, one of a litter of five born to his dog, Spelacchia (Italian for “mangy”). All the other puppies had normal white fur, the same color as their mother, who is a mixed-breed dog.

green puppy italy

Cristian Mallocci named the little pup “Pistachio” to reflect his unusual color and told Reuters that he plans to raise the puppy to look after sheep with his mother on the farm he co-owns with his brother-in-law, Giannangelo Liperi.

According to experts, this surprising color will fade over time, as the mother bathes her puppies and they get older.
Mallocci said that during these tough times of the coronavirus pandemic, green is the symbol of hope and luck, so maybe it was meant to be that Pistachio could put a smile on people’s faces.

green puppy italy

This year back in January, a German Shepherd gave birth to a puppy with lime green color due to the same phenomenon.

green puppy italy

This was to a family in North Carolina, US, who fittingly named him “Hulk.”

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