“99 Islands in the Sky” Floats Mid-Air Over Qianhai Bay

Sou Fujimoto Architects has proposed this incredible tower design where 99 floating islands are soaring around 880 feet above the water. The design saw its completion as part of Qianhai’s New City Center Landmark competition. This is an invitation-based competition for building a new monument on Shenzhen’s Quianhai Bay. This project celebrates the rapid urban development that recently took place in Shenzhen and the Quianhai district.

This breathtaking new project can be viewed as both a massive tower and a series of interconnected islands. As explained by Sou Fujimoto Architects, this design symbolizes the future of societies in the age of diversity.


Float tower island


Float tower island

By now, the biggest problem for many must be the way this massive floating island manages to stay afloat mid-air. The designers claim that the tower is supported by a large central core. Also, the remaining load is transferred by massive tension cables. These structural elements also contribute to the mesmerizing beautifying effect of the water that falls into the bay, from the tower.


Float tower island


Float tower island


Float tower island

Including the effect of falling water in this design fulfills another major concern of the designers: how to ensure the evolving of a tower while attracting attention. Without a doubt, this amazing tower design is absolutely attractive. This tower design contains several other features as well, such as an exhibition space, a restaurant, a café, and a viewing platform.


Float tower island


Float tower island


Float tower island

The judges of the competition have not selected a first-place winner for Qianhai’s New City Center Landmark competition. For now, the second-place design by Sou Fujimoto Architects is the highest-ranking proposal for the new monument.

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