Potbellied Pig Raised With 5 Pups Thinks He’s Part Doggo

Pigs are known for being very sociable and intelligent, and this is especially the case for Vietnamese potbellied pigs, who love nothing more than a good cuddle.

Meet Chowder, the 6-year-old Vietnamese potbellied pig who has his own group of dubious animal friends. The tamed farm animal lives with five rescue pups named Rika, Slick, Nya, James, and Bashe and his human, Shelby Madere, in Southern California. Together, they make up @piggypoo and crew. We all know the old saying dogs are the man’s best friend, but Chowder proves he’s just as lovable and tender as his canine siblings.

“When I look at my crew, I see the reflection of who I am in them,” says Shelby, who regularly shares photos of the adorable gang on Instagram. “Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and I will never ever let them down.”

Chowder and the gang play together in the yard, wear matching collars, and never lets their physical differences get in the way of their relationship.

Pig Raised With 5 Pups

“I just say ‘everybody come here’ then I tell everybody to sit and stay,” Shelby explains. “That’s when I’m able to start taking pictures.”

Just Like an obedient doggo, Chowder will also line up when it’s time for everyone to wait until it’s their turn to get their treat.

All in all, Chowder is happy he has a family that loves and cares for him.

“He didn’t have a good life with his first family,” Shelby explains. “He belonged to a guy who got it for his girlfriend and couldn’t keep it anymore. He was kept on the side of the house.”


Pig Raised With 5 Pups


Pig Raised With 5 Pups


Pig Raised With 5 Pups


Pig Raised With 5 Pups


Chowder, the pet pig


pet pig who lives with five rescue dogs and his human


Chowder, the pet pig

Piggypoo and Crew: Instagram
h/t: [Instagram Blog]

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