Skilled Photographer Immortalizes A White Lion In All Its Glory

It’s not a surprise that lions are widely represented in so many major film productions, especially in fantasy and animated films. They are often portrayed as the ‘Kings of the Wild’. Lions are majestic indeed, and they inspire fear and respect. At the same time, lions symbolize a number of leadership qualities, such as courage, willpower, and determination. The extremely reminiscent and magnetic aura of these large felines can be hardly found in other animals.

Simon Needham, a British photographer, came across the lion Moya at the Glenn Gariff conservation shrine. Moya is a 6-year-old lion who lives in the Big Cat sanctuary of this conservation.

Moya the white lion

When Needham saw the lion, he was totally stunned by the animal, partly owing to the cultural background of lions. Needham was enchanted by the gorgeous feline to the extent that he utilized his photography skills to portray the animal’s greatness and majesty.

Moya the white lion

The pictures resulted from his efforts to capture the animal’s beauty has gone viral all over the internet. These pictures are definitely a feast to the eyes. The Moya lion is fully white in color, giving him an even more dreamy appearance. The reason for this is a rare genetic mutation.

Moya the white lion

As claimed by Needham, immortalizing the lion was a very difficult task. He had to patiently wait till the lion approached him, and displayed captivating, click-worthy poses.

Moya the white lion

Expressing his thoughts on the incredible pics, the fortunate and skilled photographer stated: “I love all animals, but Moya’s amazing fur really captivated me at first sight.”

Moya the white lion

Thanks to these wonderful photographs, Moya has gained lots of popularity throughout the world. Moya’s dreamlike fur has captivated the hearts of many people. So, take a look at Moya’s photographs and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Image credits – Simon Needham

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