Orangutans Secretly Make Beautiful Friendship With The Otters At The Zoo

Unexpected friendships among different species of animals are absolutely adorable, and they always manage to fill our hearts with warmth. Although such friendships are rare and unusual, they aren’t completely non-existent. This time, a surprising friendship between orangutans and some otters has stolen the hearts of the internet.

As claimed by CNN, the animals first got together when the workers of the Pairi Daiza Zoo put the otters closer to the orangutans. They put the otters in a river which is located where the orangutans live. Since then, a truly fascinating connection was formed.

Orangutan and otters
Source – Pairi Dalza / Caters News

The Otters And Orangutans Play Hide And Seek

These photographs are solid proof of their extraordinary friendship. Mathieu, a zookeeper, revealed that the orangutans and the otters play hide and seek together. He stated that while the otters use large tree trunks and wooden buildings to hide, the baby orangutan tries to find them.

Orangutan and otters
Source: Pairi Dalza / Caters News

Further explaining their playful activities, he stated: “Every now and then they come out to make fun of him.” Isn’t this truly amazing?

The Zoo Invests A Lot In The Animals ‘Enrichment’

The management of the Pairi Daiza Zoo invests a great deal in the ‘enrichment’ of its animals. They believe that not only the size but also the quality of life of animals is very important. Some of the measures taken to improve the animals’ quality of life are hiding food, organizing brain games and puzzles, etc.

Orangutan and otters
Source – Pairi Dalza / Caters News

In addition, they also place animals that are capable of interacting with each other in the same enclosure, which is very interesting. Mathieu revealed that many animals share their enclosure with another species. For example, gorillas and colobus monkeys live together, penguins and seals share an enclosure, and squirrels and bats live together.

Pygmy hippos and pelicans, giraffes and ostriches, zebras and buffalos, Asian elephants, and Asiatic gazelles are some other pairs that share a habitat with each other.

This new inseparable friendship between otters and orangutans is truly incredible. So, make sure to share the awesome friendship with your loved ones, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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