Meet The Oldest Cat In The World Who Is 31 Years Old And Many More Years To Come

This 31-year-old cat is on its way to becoming the oldest cat in the world. he is called Nutmeg. He picked his owners 26 years ago when he randomly showed up in their backyard.

Liz and Ian Finlay adopted the cat as a stray in 1990, and he quickly became friends with their other cat, Spice, once they brought him in. When they took Nutmeg to their local Cats Protection for treatment of an abscess on his neck, the staff there informed the owners that the cat was at least 5 years old,

It’s fair to say that Nutmeg is the world’s oldest cat, but the owners must provide proof of his age before he can be included in the Guinness Book of World Records, which is going to be a challenge.

Last year, Nutmeg had a terrible stroke, but he is now stronger than ever, leaving everyone around him wondering just how many lives this cat has left.

Meet Nutmeg, Who For Us Is The Worlds’ Oldest Cat, Unofficially. 


#2 Awh Look At Him, He Is Like, My Mission Is Not Complete Yet, I Have To Protect This World, He Is Thinking Some Serious Things

#2 I’m Immortal You Puny Humans

#3 Urgh! The Things I Do For My Family. * Stays Still For The Camera*

#4 Stop Watching Me!

#5 Grrr…I Do Like Snuggles From My Hoomans

#6 Oh Brotha, More Pictures.

#7 Immortal Being.

#8 I’m Not That Grump All The Time, I Love Head Scratches.

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