Macro Photographer Enlarges Beach Sand Under A Microscope

Ole Bielfeldt is a macro photographer that’s based in Cologne. He is well-known for deeply zooming into everyday objects, which is known as macrofying. These zoomed images are really eye-opening as they reveal microscopic details of the world that we live and interact with. Ole always tries to approach photography with a new and unique perspective. Therefore, after experimenting with an old microscope that he came across in his attic, he started this series.

Ole was truly fascinated by the tiny world with so many details that are living very close to us. Therefore, he thought of sharing these beautiful findings with his online community. Without a doubt, millions of other people were also mesmerized by the beauty of these everyday objects.

Macro photography

In one of his latest photographs done with the aid of a microscope, Ole presents a closer look at beach sand. The sand used was collected from a beach in Mallorca. In his sample, we can see an impressive display of coral debris and shells of a variety of beautiful colors. However, in addition to the vibrant natural elements of the pristine sand beach, pollutants can also be identified in these microscopic samples.

Macro photography

Ole states that although we don’t always notice it, our surrounding keeps getting subjected to pollution at massive scales daily. Even in tiny samples of sand, we can still find microplastics. Ole shares these pollutants with his photography as well, so that their hidden beauty is not destroyed.

Macro photography

So, check out this amazing series and share your thoughts with us in the comments. You can find more of Ole Bielfeldt’s work on his Instagram.

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