Losing A Dog Can Be As Painful As Losing A Loved One, Researchers Say

If you’ve ever raised a dog and lost it, I’m sure you know what a painful experience that is. After all, pets aren’t just animals. They are family. We bond with our pets in a very unique and special way, and they become our best friends and companions.

It’s not a surprise that losing a dog can bring deep sorrow. Oftentimes, dog owners need time to grieve and process the loss of their beloved pets, before moving on. People who haven’t raised pets might not understand this pain and might urge those who are grieving to just ‘move on’ because pets are ‘just animals’. However, this only worsens the pain.

Losing a dog
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At the present, science itself has proven that mourning the loss of a beloved dog is completely normal and that it’s a real and valid experience. In fact, this study has revealed that moving on from the loss of a pet might be even more difficult than overcoming the passing of a human. Here’s why it’s so hard to overcome a pet dog’s passing, according to this research.

#1 Bonding

The Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Study states that the bonds we create with pets are quite similar to the bonds we create with humans. These bonding activities are interpreted by our brain in the same way. To put it another way, when we bond with dogs or people, our bodies produce the exact same hormones. This is why pups start to feel like family to you, and you can create such a deep bond with them.

Losing a dog
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#2 Grieving

When your beloved dog passes away, you can’t mourn for them the way you do for humans. When a human passes away, many people mourn with you. You can even hold or attend a funeral, or seek therapy or counseling. But when a dog passes away, others expect you to move on quickly. You can’t ignore your daily tasks because as claimed by Telegraph, most people don’t consider losing a pet as something worth grieving over.

#3 Love And Comfort

Losing your beloved pup means losing everything that surrounded them. You have to let go of all the feelings and emotions that were built up around them. This includes their love, companionship, and the comfort and happiness that their presence made you feel. Losing all of this at once can make you feel broken and empty. Also, dogs love their owners unconditionally, and it truly hurts to lose such pure love.

Losing a dog
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#4 Routines And Memories

If you owned a dog, you surely spent most of your free time with it at home. So when they’re gone, your home becomes different. You will badly miss the daily routines with your dog, such as feeding them or taking them out for walks. You will miss them running around the house and making a mess, and the feeling of them jumping on your lap, and their wholesome cuddles. Losing all of this can make you feel lost, especially if your daily routine always involved your pet dog.

Losing a dog
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#5 Guilt

Sometimes, you’re the one that has to make a decision about your dog’s life. If they were suffering too much, you might’ve decided to let them for their own good, but the feeling of guilt always remains. Having to live with this feeling of guilt makes it harder to move on. Even if there was nothing you could do, you might feel like you should’ve done more for your dog.

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In conclusion, losing a dog, or any pet can be absolutely heartbreaking. Always remember that your feelings are valid and that you deserve all the time you need to grieve them and to move on. And if people dare to judge you, tell them that your feelings are proven scientifically!

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