Beautifully illustrated Life Before And After Marriage

Each phase if our life serves some purpose. Before marriage when you were single the moments you lived with your friends, family and colleagues is something unforgettable. However, Life is all about change, the new, and the promise of progress. Every single one of your experiences makes you the person you are; you progress through the journey of life. Marriage gives you an opportunity to take your life to the next level and make life more meaningful. Marriage makes you grow and progress.

With the right partner, life becomes beautiful after marriage. You have someone you can be you completely with no inhibitions. You can share everything with that one person. That’s an awesome feeling, being in love, and feeling loved by that one person.

And then with kids, life becomes overwhelmingly brilliant. You mature once you have them. You learn life lessons which you have forgotten with time. You learn to see things from their perspectives. They are fun, cute, and innocent. As much as responsibilities increase after them, a joy to increases manifold. You come to understand that feeling of unconditional love. It just surfaces within you on its own once you become parents.

Every couple has their own version of life and love story, before and after marriage. However, here’s what we at Epic think is a list of typical everyday state of affairs that you and your partner might find familiar!

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Things we do for love

Things that keep couples together


Women’s eating habits

Levels of trust

Watching movies


Revealing your love

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