Largest Orca Pod To Date Captured On Camera Off The Coast Of Norway

Have you ever seen an orca pod? Well, the below footage of the largest orca ever to be caught on camera will definitely leave you speechless. This once-in-a-lifetime moment happened off the Norwegian coast when at least 300 killer whales were spotted together. An expedition boat spotted the massive orca pod by accident. Needless to say, the incredible footage has left everyone in shock.

Large orca pod

Killer whales are usually known to stay in groups. This is why this extraordinary footage gives rise to a number of questions. A wildlife guide initially spotted this large pod of top predators. At a glance, what all the people thought was that they can be a single orca family. However, they had to change their mind after noticing how the number of orcas kept rapidly increasing.

Large orca pod

An instance when orcas commonly gather together is their mating season. However, very little is known about the breeding habits of these extremely secretive creatures. Nonetheless, a gathering of this much of orcas in one place has never been reported before, making this gathering truly special.

Watch The Video Below For More Info

In the end, however, the expedition boat could locate these orcas as a huge amount of marine birds spilling the beams. After discovering that there’s a fishing fleet close to them, the hungry orcas have swum a large distance with the sole purpose of feeding. Herrings are the favorite meal of orcas, and they are abundant in these waters. Although orcas do gather together during the fishing season, spotting such a massive pod is rare. So, check out the footage above and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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