Jollibee Customer Served A Fully Fried And Battered Towel

A customer who went to Jollibee to enjoy deep-fried chicken was surprised with a deep-fried battered tower instead. Alique Perez ordered the chicken for her son and she described what she got as “really disturbing”.

Surprises find people by surprise. However, not all surprises can be taken as heartwarming. A normal human wouldn’t expect to find a fried towel in their bucket of chicken. But, this woman in the Philippines was absolutely dumbfounded by the hilarious and disgusting revelation.

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Alique Perez wrote on Facebook that she found it extremely difficult to slice the chicken and tried opening it up with her hands. That’s when she realized that it was not chicken but a towel disguised as chicken.

She added further that even though she has seen other people complaining about such incidents where their orders get mixed up with weird stuff, she had always thought that they were all made up. That was until it happened to her. Well, there is a first time for everything! She wrote that this had been the “worst first” for her.

jollibee served fried towel
Source – Facebook/Alique Perez

Finding a towel in the chicken bucket isn’t the only matter. The real question is how many other chicks enjoy were contaminated by what was in the towel. The towel could’ve been used to wipe the face, or worse, the kitchen.

The family has spent ₱462.60 on the chicken which amounts to £6.83/ USD 9.69. Her story took the internet by storm, gaining nearly 100,000 reactions from people. Her post was shared by more than 84,000 users who openly expressed their disgust.

jollibee served fried towel
Source – Facebook/Alique Perez

In response to the incident, Jollibee had been forced to close the branch for three days, starting from the 3rd of June. Within this time period, the relevant authorities will review its compliance with procedures and retain its store team. Jollibee has even posted an official statement on Facebook, apologizing for the terrible incident.

As claimed by Jollibee Europe, this is an isolated incident that took place in a single store in the Philippines. Food and safety protocols and quality guidelines are strictly followed at Jollibee. At the moment, the incident in question is under investigation by the team in the Philippines.

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