Drink Water On An Empty Stomach For A Month For Amazing Results

The flawless bodies of Japanese people are often surprising for people from other countries. Their toned, slim, and perfect porcelain skin is definitely the dream of many. The actual reason for their lovely skin is pretty simple. It’s the Japanese ritual of drinking water right after waking up, on an empty stomach.

Many studies suggest that practicing this simple ritual brings about numerous positive results, irrespective of various health conditions. If you don’t feel energetic enough, have dull skin and hair, and your body simply doesn’t feel good, you should definitely try this!

#1 You Will Feel Very Fresh And Healthy

Several days after starting to drink water in the morning, your body will start to feel lighter. It will also start detoxifying easier than before.

Japanese water therapy
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#2 Your Metabolism Will Improve

When you drink water the first thing in the morning, you will no longer feel hungry in between meals. You will be able to tolerate your diet easily. You won’t feel the need to snack from time to time, and you’ll feel more energetic.

#3 It Controls Heartburn

If you are suffering from health conditions like indigestion and acid influx, these will disappear once you start drinking water. The uncomfortable feeling after meals will also disappear.

#4 It Will Help You Lose Weight

Once you start drinking water on an empty stomach, you will start feeling less hungry. If you’re suffering from slow and heavy digestion, they will also disappear.

Japanese water therapy
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#5 Your Skin Will Improve In Appearance

Once you start water therapy, you will start to look younger. Your skin will start to get better, healthier, and more radiant and glowing. The wrinkles on your skin will also disappear.

#6 Urinary Tract Infections Will Be Cured

Even after consuming numerous antibiotics, you might be struggling to cure urinary tract infections. Burning sensation and any other inconveniences will also disappear once you start water therapy.

#7 Your Hair Will Look Better

If you suffer from hair loss or brittle hair, this water therapy is for you! You will soon start growing healthy and shiny hair.

#8 You won’t Get Sick Easily

Japanese water therapy will improve your immune system immensely. You will no longer have to depend on medicine for every minor disease.

Japanese water therapy
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To get the best results out of the Japanese water therapy, drink four glasses of water immediately after waking up. Make sure to drink water on an empty stomach, before brushing your teeth. If you feel like four glasses are a bit too much, start with one, and gradually increase the water intake. After drinking water, avoid eating anything for the next 45 minutes. Starting eating like normal only after 45 minutes have passed. After having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, avoid eating anything for two hours.

If you suffer from conditions like diabetes and hypertension, you will see results after a month. Continue the therapy for 10 days or more to see results, if you suffer from constipation and gastritis. If you suffer from tuberculosis, continue the water therapy for 3 months to start seeing results.

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