Incredibly Beautiful Pictures Of Birds That Shows Photoshop Is Unnecessary

Mario Cea is a famous wildlife photographer from Spain. He is mostly known for his incredibly striking bird photography. With the use of slow shutter speeds and artificial light, Mario takes truly one-of-a-kind photos of stunning feathered creatures. With over 25 years of experience as a wildlife photographer, Mario Cea is undoubtedly a professional in the field. The magic and the ethereal nature of his photographs are a result of this experience. Needless to say, Mario is extremely dedicated to his craft. One of his breathtaking pictures features a kingfisher that’s diving straight into a pond. At the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, this was selected for the People’s Choice Award. In addition, it was even shortlisted for the Bird Photographer of the Year Awards.

Mario Cea photography

The photo of the diving kingfisher, named ‘The Blue Trail”, is wonderful proof of his dedication. In order to achieve the unbelievable final result, Mario worked hard for 6 months and took over 2000 shots. Describing this amazing shot, Mario states that he has not used anything other than photographic techniques to create this shot. The two main techniques utilized to create it are a slow shutter speed of 1/15s and a continuous lantern light. In order to freeze the flight of the kingfisher, Mario used a sudden flash. Mario revealed that people frequently question him on why the wake doesn’t appear in the reflection. He states that the wake can only be seen in dark backgrounds.

If you’re interested in Mario’s photography, check out his blog and stay updated about his workshops. So, take a look at his lovely photographs and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Check Out More Of Mario’s Work Below


Mario Cea photography


Mario Cea photography


Mario Cea photography


Mario Cea photography

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