Imprisoned Bull Is Set Free, And This Moment Is Beautiful To Witness

The way that people treat pets and farm animals are very different. While pets are showered with love and pampered a lot, farm animals are treated as regular animals. Usually, farm animals aren’t treated badly, but not every animal can have a good life. We must never forget the fact that farm animals too have feelings; they too can feel relief, despair, and pain.

The lives of cows living in farms are especially bad. Female cows are forced to get pregnant continually for milk production. When they get older, both male and female cows are killed for consumption.

cattle farm

One of such cows who has been treated unfairly for his entire life, Bandit the bull, was recently rescued. The way Bandit showed his gratitude for being rescued was truly wonderful.


rescued bull


rescued bull


rescued bull

When compared to the cows reared for milk and meat, Bandit’s life was extremely terrible. He never got a chance to see the sunlight. All he saw was the dark, concrete walls and the floor. He was even chained up to a pipe all the time. He couldn’t even breathe fresh air until he was rescued.

Fortunately, an animal organization called Aiderbichl Estates in Austria heard about this cattle farm with utterly dire living conditions. They decided to launch a rescue operation to bring the poor animals to safety. The professionals from this organization have carried out over a hundred rescue missions since they were founded. As proof of the unsuitable living conditions of the animals, and as a tool to raise awareness, the rescuing process is always filmed by one of the crew members.


rescued bull


rescued bull

For his entire life, Bandit was trapped between four walls. He wasn’t able to taste grass, breathe fresh air, or bathe in sunlight. When Bandit was released from his chained pipe, his reaction was truly heartfelt and priceless.

After being rescued, Bandit was taken to their own facility, where they look after rescued cows from across the country. He was given a warm and comfortable bed with plenty of freedom at his new home, just as he deserved.

Bandit’s new home is large, cozy, and full of people who truly love animals. The moment when Bandit could finally play around freely was absolutely magical. The animal workers at Aiderbichl Estates call Bandit’s expression of happiness as the ‘Freedom dance’. Seeing the sense of freedom and happiness radiating from this animal is really touching.


rescued bull


rescued bull

Bandit’s show of gratitude continued. He headed towards his rescuers, and gently rubbed his head against them, to say ‘Thank you’.


rescued bull

This heartfelt moment was incredibly emotional, and it proved that farm animals too have feelings. Thanks to the amazing rescuers, Bandit’s future will be nothing but beautiful and bright!

Check Out The Amazing Rescue Video Below

Image credits –  The Dodo, Youtube

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