This Sight Of Cooperative Feeding By Humpback Whales Is Incredible

Have you ever wondered about the feeding habits of humpback whales? If not, I’m sure that you’ll find them quite surprising. Having such a massive mouth, it’s easy to assume that these large creatures can easily eat anything in their path with very minimal effort. However, the reality is quite different. The video below is enough proof that even such enormous animals have their own unique feeding habits. This amazing video was shared by National Geographic, 8 years ago. The impressive and astonishing video has since gained lots of popularity.

Check Out The Incredible Video Below

Humpback whales exhibit this truly striking behavior when they are trying to catch large shoals of fish. It is called Bubble Net Feeding. Without a doubt, humpback whales can easily hunt on their own. However, most of the times, they hunt in teams, displaying their spectacular skills.

Humpback whales feeding

Here is an explanation of what exactly is happening in the video. First of all, one of the whales dives down and starts swimming around the fish. While doing this, it doesn’t forget to blow a stream of bubbles out of its blowhole. This is steadily done in a circular motion. At the same time, the other whales swim right towards the fish together. When this happens, the fish are forced swim upwards.

Humpback whales feeding

This is when the fish get trapped in the bubble net. After that, the whales open their large mouths and converge on the fish. Thanks to this incredible technique of mass feeding, seagulls also gets their fair share of food. Apart from being an amazing feeding technique, this is also an extraordinary sight.

Humpback whales feeding

Humpback whales live in warmer regions during certain times of the year, and they do not feed in such areas. This is why they consume massive amounts of food whenever they are inhabiting colder regions like the Alaskan waters. In one day, they can consume a whopping 3000 pounds of food. Isn’t that amazing? So, if you find this interesting, watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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