Woman Captures Perfect Moment Her Dog, Horse, And Pony All Blend Into One

When you own multiple pets, it’s almost impossible to take a decent group photo. But this woman, who owns a horse, a pony, and a Dalmatian had managed to take lots of perfect pictures of the trio. In the pictures, the three animals blend into one so well that it looks like a gorgeous Disney movie.

This unusual trio consists of an Appaloosa stallion named Nevada, a Shetland pony named Napoleon, and a Dalmatian dog named Jack. All three of them have similar spotty coats. As claimed by Greetje Arends-Hakvoort, the 35-year-old owner of the trio, the animals have lots of fun together.

Spotted horse, pony, and Dalmatian

The Animals Are A Serotonin-Booster For Many People

According to The Sun, when spotted together, the trio makes lots of people smile. Also, frequent references to the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ are also being made when the animals are out with each other.

Spotted horse, pony, and Dalmatian

Greetje stated that she has always wished to own a Dalmatian dog. Her wish, however, became a reality in a quite unique manner. She gave birth to Jolie, her daughter, around the same time when Napoleon was born. Therefore, Jolie and Napoleon have grown up to become best buddies.

Spotted horse, pony, and Dalmatian

Captioning the wonderful picture, Greetje wrote: “Our dream team Nevada, Napoleon, and Jack Sparrow.”

Although Jack isn’t a horse, he looked quite similar to Nevada and Napolean when he was young. This greatly contributed to strengthening the bond between the trio. However, that’s not all. The unique family of animals continues to expand, as observed in a recent Instagram post by Greetje. Introducing the group of animals one by one, Greetje wrote: “Left to Right Braveheart, Jack Sparrow, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Jolie & Napoleon, Nevada.”

Spotted horse, pony, and Dalmatian

Needless to say, the spotty family is very famous online, with Greetje’s Instagram page having over 71k followers. Also, when talking about their spotted bodies, these horses are proof that every Dalmatian-like animal is not a Dalmatian. You can check out Greetje Arends-Hakvoort’s Youtube channel here.

Spotted horse, pony, and Dalmatian

It’s true that raising animals takes heaps of time and effort. However, that hard work is surely worth it, as nothing can be compared to the happiness bought by our four-legged friends. So, let us know your thoughts on these adorable animals in the comments!

Image credits: Instagram

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