Sun-Loving Hippo In South Africa Floats On Its Back To Relax

Wild animals are unintentionally funny and adorable sometimes. These photographs of a sun-loving hippo having the time of his life will surely give you a serotonin boost. The giant hippo was spotted leisurely sunbathing, getting the best out of the lovely weather. It was lying on its back with its legs in the air, taking the photographer too by surprise. The hippo was photographed by Jackie Cilliers at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


Floating hippo


Floating hippo

52-year-old Cilliers was on a holiday with her family when she came across this unusual sight. She managed to secretly photograph the animal from around 10 meters from the floating hippo. The giant was enjoying the utmost relaxation by sunning its bright belly. Initially, Cilliers thought that the hippo was injured. However, he laid on its back multiple times. Every time, it stayed still for a few minutes. Therefore, she realized that it was just chilling and sunbathing, trying to give its pink belly a tan.


Floating hippo


Floating hippo

In the images, we can see how the large mammal is rolling over after pushing off its friend. Then it starts relaxing on its back. He is so relaxed to the point that he even yawns. Since the hippo kept trying to turn his friend over, he was risking getting attacked too. Cilliers state that the giant appeared to enjoy lying upside down. The unusual and funny pose of the hippo made many people laugh. Cilliers explained that this was the very first time she or anyone she knows has come across such a sight.


Floating hippo

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Image credits: Caters News Agency

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