10 Unknown Health Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas are increasingly being hailed as a “superfruit,” as they offer numerous health benefits. Bananas are filled with vitamins and minerals within them which are ideal for protecting our body against illnesses.
Epic universe compiled these 10 amazing health benefits of bananas plus a guide on banana peel color so that you know how to choose the right type of banana next time.


Stops oncological diseases



Bananas have a unique protein (tumor necrosis factor) that helps prevent oncological complications. Since ripe bananas contain more of these proteins, it is recommended to eat bananas with spotted or darkened skin.

Prevents muscle cramps

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Mineral deficiency is the main reason for ankle muscle cramps. Regular intake of fruits rich in potassium and magnesium like bananas, you can avoid muscle cramps. That’s why many athletes include them in their diet even during sporting events.

Prevents kidney diseases

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Food containing adequate potassium helps prevents the possibility of kidney stones developing inside you. A recent study has shown that regular intake of bananas can also reduce the chance of malignancies in the kidneys by 40%.

Reduce heart problems

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A potassium-rich diet is highly recommended to patients who have high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Daily consumption of 1.3 grams of this element decreases the risk of cardiac events by 26%. You can easily achieve this target by eating 2 to 3 bananas a day.

Helps to clear vessels


Cholesterol is the biggest reason for vascular obstruction, which ultimately leads to atherosclerosis complications. Bananas contain phytosterols that have the ability to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood and maintain your vascular system’s health.

Ideal for maintaining a healthy stomach

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Bananas are great for people with gastric boils and those who’re in the risk group. They comprise of a special enzyme that increases the secretion of mucus that protects the intestinal walls.

Need to fix your mood?

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Bananas contain dopamine – the “happiness hormone” – along with partial vitamin B complex that positively affects the nervous system. These allow bananas to be included on the list of foods to eat if you’re suddenly feeling down.

Good for Diabetes Patients


These tropical fruits have a certain type of resistant starch which helps improve the condition of a person with diabetes mellitus type 2. The thing to be noted is that the green bananas contain more of this matter and an average size green banana contains almost 12.5 grams of starch in it, while a ripe one will only contain about 5 g.

Help you with weight loss

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Resistant starch prevents fat from stowing in your body and increases the fat burning process, which results in fast and noticeable developments during intensive weight loss training. The suggested daily dose of this substance is 10 grams. And, Yes, you need to stay active and control your food habits.

Great source of energy

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Simple carbs are quick and easy ways to replenish your energy resource almost immediately if need be. Plenty of vitamins and minerals make bananas a great source of energy.

If you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, try eating a banana, too!

*Be sure to ask your doctor first if you have medical conditions or are making new changes to your diet.

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