Ultra High Definition 85-Megapixel Photo Of The Moon By Andrew McCarthy

Since the dawn of time, humans were mesmerized by the moon. A countless number of drawings and photos were made of it but we still can’t seem to get enough of the moon and all her glory.

Professional photographer Andrew McCarthy is one such person who shot this amazing set of photos right in his backyard and shows all the glorious details that one would expect. In fact, one could pour over the image for hours to pick apart all the craters and geographical markings on the moon’s surface.

Fascinatingly, it’s not a single image at all, but rather is the result of 24,000 photographs. McCarthy shot these images over the course of 45 minutes using a telescope set at 2000mm. In post-production, he then selected only the best frames where there was the least atmospheric disturbance.

“I use a special camera designed for very high frame rates, so I can take hundreds of thousands of shots in minutes,” McCarthy tells My Modern Met. “Processing is a bit longer, just because it’s so much data. I use software that I upload the RAW frames into that aligns and stacks it, spitting out stacked files that I stitch together in Photoshop. I also run various sharpening programs on the data, and since the stacked images are so high quality, I can get crisp details from sharpening without producing noise and artifacts. Processing started late in the evening and ran all the way until I shared the image around 3 pm the following day.”

If you like to witness the full 85-megapixel version of the photo, McCarthy has shared that on the below link. As a bonus, you’ll get astrophotography tips and a behind-the-scenes look at his work. His images are also available for sale as prints.

Enjoy some close-up details of Andrew McCarthy’s 85-megapixel photo of the moon down below.








Andrew McCarthy: Website | Instagram | Patreon | ImageKind

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