15 Epic Moments Of Guerrilla Marketing Won

Today’s competitive world of marketing, companies can no longer list product benefits and expect them to attract buyers. To be able to successful product advertising needs to be creative, witty, unconventional, and low cost as well.

That’s where the concept of guerrilla marketing comes in. So, what is guerrilla marketing you may ask? A marketing technique that is an innovative, unconventional, and low cost, aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for the product can be defined as guerrilla marketing. This kind of technique is often used by small-term enterprises who are in need to reach a wider market without spending a huge amount of money on traditional advertising methods such as TV and Radio.

The compilation we bring you today illustrates some of the best guerrilla marketing ideas we have seen and we think whoever came up with these deserves a pay rise.

Scroll down and enjoy, comment on what you think of these ideas!

1 A dress made out of toilet paper

toilet paper dress

2 Game on!


3 Creative thinking at its best

mini chalkboard

4 Which one would you rather?

trojan vs huggies

5 Cheeky!! A pun is defiantly intended

6 Something for the GOT fans!

Daenerys Targaryen

7 And that’s how you sell carrots in winter


8 No one can resist the Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

9 Somebody, call the grammar police!!


10 Is the supermarket trying to tell me something?


11 Concept and the chalk art both disserve straight ‘A” s

breaking bad

12 Looks like somebody is a huge mega man fan…

meat mega man

13 You might have to watch the movie to get this one!

the martian

14 Dragon Fruit, Literally… hahaha

Dragon fruit

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