Bobo The Gorilla And A Tiny Bush Baby Becomes Best Buddies

A nonprofit organization named “Ape Action Africa” is one of the biggest primate conservation projects in Africa. Its work is especially focused on the conservation of endangered gorillas, monkeys, and chimpanzees. A majority of the animals are rescued from illegal trades, and currently, there are over 300 creatures living here. Routine checkups are conducted on them by the caregiving experts, giving them routine results regarding their health and wellbeing.


Gorilla and bushbaby


Gorilla and bushbaby

However, these animals don’t forget to shock their caretakers every now and then. One day, to his great surprise, a caregiver saw Bobo, a Western Lowland Gorilla, with an unusual friend. Bobo the gorilla was cradling a little bush baby. The wild and young bush baby wasn’t scared at all, and it leisurely moved around Bobo’s body. After hopping around on the grass for some time, the bush baby even returned to the gorilla. Bobo was the dominant male of his group. He has even fought with others in order to secure his position. However, he had a really kind and gentle side too. Due to his gentleness, the caretakers weren’t too shocked by his new friend.


Gorilla and bushbaby


Gorilla and bushbaby

Bushbabies are nocturnal animals, so it’s quite rare to spot them in the daytime. In addition, this was the very first time someone at the Mefou sanctuary had seen any interaction between a bushbaby and a primate. Bobo’s fellow gorillas were curious about his new friend. However, Bobo didn’t want to share.


Gorilla and bushbaby


Gorilla and bushbaby

After hanging out together for about two hours, the bushbaby disappeared into the wild. Is it amazing how friendships can happen between the most unexpected duo? If you found this story wholesome, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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