Almost Frozen Ocean Waves Captured By Nantucket Photographer

The ocean is indeed a breathtakingly beautiful place and it brings warmth and calmness to our hearts. However, have you ever seen frozen sea waves? A series of mesmerizing images of the massive, nearly frozen sea waves were captured by a Nantucket photographer named Jonathan Nimerfroh.

Nimerfroh came across an ocean full of Slurpee waves. The ocean was frozen as a result of a strange cold temperature. Every year, we can commonly see frozen lakes, waterfalls, etc. However, frozen oceans are a rare sight.


Slurpee Waves

Being a huge ocean enthusiast, Nimerfroh was able to capture these magnificent pictures by himself. The ocean is not fully frozen and they do hit the shore as usual. But, there seems to be something different about the waves, as if it’s made up of something else. Explaining his incredible experience, Nimerfroh states that the wind was blowing really hard from the south direction, which usually creates rough or choppy conditions in the sea. Such conditions are not that good for activities like surfing. However, the ocean waves were almost frozen, so they did not change shape, creating a perfect dream-like scene.


Slurpee Waves


Slurpee Waves


Slurpee Waves

These nearly frozen waves appeared very beautiful, and strangely, the thickness of them was very consistent. Nimerfroh named this stunning series of images “Slurpee Waves”. He states that the temperature was very low on the day he photographed these, and the harbor to the mainland was completely frozen. The next day, the shoreline has been frozen up 200 yards out.


Slurpee Waves


Slurpee Waves

In addition to being a sea=centric photographer, Nimerfroh is also an avid surfer. So, check out these incredible photographs and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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