It’s Official: France To Ban Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses

2020 has not been a year of good news. Everywhere we look we could see death and despair only. However, this is not something to be sad about. Indeed, this news from France will give every animal lover in this world something to be happy about in a time of misery.

France’s environment minister Barbara Pompili announced these new sweeping measures today (September 29), stating that the country has to change its “attitude to wild animals”. She further announced plans to ban the breeding of dolphins and orcas in captivity, as well as the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

The Marineland theme park in Antibes.
The Marineland theme park in Antibes.

In addition, the European nation will also start to “gradually” ban American mink farms used for fur.

During a press conference, Pompili added that “It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild beings no longer translates into situations where their captivity is favored over their well-being.”

A mink in captivity at a fur farm.
A mink in captivity at a fur farm.

These new measures will mean that France’s three dolphinariums will also no longer be able to breed new dolphins or killer whales – or have any transported in from other countries.

Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili.
Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili.

Pompili added that the use of wild animals in traveling circuses will cease “in the years to come”.

There are some 500 wild animals in French circuses, for which Pompeli states “solutions will be found on a case-by-case basis, with each circus, for each animal”

She also stressed that animals can obviously not be “released”.

Minister further announced an aid package of eight million euros ($9.3 million) to help circuses and dolphinariums adapt to the new rules.

Pompili did not reveal a precise timetable for the implementation of these measures.

She told reporters: “Setting a date doesn’t solve all the problems, I prefer to set up a process to make it happen as quickly as possible.”

“We are asking (circuses) to reinvent themselves,” she said, adding: “It will be a time when they will need support, and the state will be at their side.”

“That transition will be spread over several years because it will change the lives of many people,” she said.

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