Floating Bonsai Trees Are Now A Real Deal, And It’s Pretty Amazing

The Japanese art of bonsai involves an exercise of effort and patience on the part of the grower. This mesmerizing art has taken a leap of faith, and guess what, the results went beyond expectations.

Hoshinchu, a company based in Kyushu, Japan designed a system to magnetically elevate bonsai trees. The name of the system is Air Bonsai. The location of production is rich in nature and is very much compatible with the production process. The innovation captured hearts so fast that the company exceeded its annual budget goal for Air Bonsai within less than just thirty days, according to the Kickstarter page.

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Unlike the traditional bonsai, you don’t have to wait for years to obtain a satisfactory result. The basic DIY Air Bonsai kit is comprised of the top half. They call this the “little star” and the energy base in a porcelain pot as the bottom half.

Floating bonsai trees

 The little star is ready to plant your favorite shrub or plant. All you have to do is water the little star from time to time.

The energy base has the capability to float and rotate. The porcelain pots crafted by hand undergoes a critically temperature-controlled manufacturing process for nearly three months.

The project was produced by Hikaru Hoshi and created by Masanori Imayoshi. With contribution and encouragement from many others, the project was launched on Kickstarter on 21st January 2016 and was funded for 40 days until March 2016.

Floating bonsai trees

Their primary belief behind the project is “Air Bonsai portrays Earth” and they request mankind to take better care of the Earth we live on.

Floating bonsai trees

Image credits – Hoshinchu

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