Adorable Video Of Wild Elephant Herd Napping Captured On Drone

A herd of Asian elephants that have become popular in China was photographed while napping in a forest. The absolutely adorable footage was captured by a drone, while the herd was peacefully napping near a village in Xiyang township. The herd of elephants stopped their journey to have a rest after their journey was interrupted by heavy rain.

For the past 15 months, the animals have been trekking the country. As of now, they have traveled an impressive 500km away from their natural habitat. The migrating elephants are under the constant monitoring of the Chinese authorities. Around 500 people and 14 drones are working to ensure the safety of the herd, as the herd roams through fields, cities, and villages. According to reports by CGTN, those in charge of the animals’ safety will keep them safe, close roads, while attempting to steer them to the south-west.

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Although the team has tried to turn them around earlier, those attempts proved to be futile. At the present, however, it looks like the herd is heading home, Mengyangzi Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna, which is located in Yunnan province, in the southwest of China.

Wild Elephant Herd Napping
Source – China Central Television (CCTV)

The Yunan Forest Firefighting brigade is in charge of monitoring the herd. According to them, the herd consists of 15 elephants, including 3 calves. A single male elephant has broken free from the herd and is about 4km away from the rest.

Wild Elephant Herd Napping
Source – China Central Television (CCTV)

During their journey, the herd of elephants has been consuming crops worth millions and has damaged many buildings. The herd even visited Kunming, a city that is home to millions of residents.

Wild Elephant Herd Napping
Source – Reuters

While the Asian elephant is considered an endangered species, there are only around 300 wild elephants in China. Most of them reside in the Yunnan province. According to scientists, this is the greatest distance any wild elephant has traveled from its habitat.

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