Ecuadorian Police Rescues An Adorable Sloth Who Had Ventured Onto The Streets Near The City Of Quevedo

Ecuadorian police found a furry sloth wandering the streets and posted a photo on Facebook, which quickly went viral.

A sloth was discovered clinging to a metal pole in the middle of the road just outside of Quevedo, Ecuador. Fortunately, the officers arrived on the scene and saved the little bud.

A veterinarian on the scene confirmed the animal is in good health. The officers then took some adorable snaps of the cute sloth. After that, they released it back into the wild.

The Ecuadorian transport police thanked everyone for their concern in a Facebook post. The sloth bear that the Ecuadorian transport police rescued was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good enough health to be returned to its natural habitat.

All the people who cared about the health of the animal were thanked for their efforts, and they promised to keep up the good work with help from the public.

According to the country’s conservation and tourism board, there are two distinct species of sloth in Ecuador, both of which are renowned for their sluggish movements.

The three-toed sloth and the two-toed sloth are both found in Ecuador’s Cloud Forests. While hiking through the woods, it’s very likely that you’ll come across one of the former.

Most of the time, they are found hanging motionless or crawling slowly along a branch in search of an especially juicy bunch of leaves, their primary food source. Sloths poop about once a week because leaf digestion takes several days. It is not unusual for sloths to descend from their tree each week to relieve themselves on the ground. One of the mysteries of tropical mammalian life is why they go to all that trouble!

[Based on reporting by: kingdomstv]

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