Dogs Kiss Their Brother Before Saying Their Final Goodbyes

A cat named Patch and a dog named Bonita are best friends that spent many years together. From chilling in the backyard to chasing away birds, they did everything together. Although they had their own water dishes, they preferred to share. Patch was the smallest in the litter, however, he was a bit violent with other neighborhood cats. He would often get into little fights with them. During such instances, we could clearly see the deep and wholesome bond between Patch and Bonita.

Whenever Patch got into fights, Bonita would stay beside Patch. Bonita will be full of worry, howling while running around the yard, desperately trying to help Patch. After a while, Patch will return victoriously. At this moment, a whiny and excited Bonita will run to his dear friend and embrace him, showering him with kisses. Patch doesn’t forget to keep the cool of a classic cat. Proud of winning another fight, Patch would swat Bonita away. However, his cool doesn’t last long, as he would affectionately return minutes later. Unfortunately, Patch left this world in 2010, leaving Bonita in grief.

Animals Also Deeply Feel Emotions, Just Like Humans

Dogs kiss their brother

It’s a well-known fact that animals, like humans, are emotionally intelligent. They are sensitive and they feel things deeply, allowing them to create deep bonds with humans as well as other animals. Pets too, like us, feel love and sadness. Now, get your tissues out, because, from this point onwards, this story will make you cry. This extremely heart-touching photo, shared by a Reddit user named Rawtashk, undoubtedly filled the hearts of animal lovers with sorrow. In the photo, three Belgian Malinois dogs are exchanging kisses, saying their final goodbyes to 11-year-old Sef, the eldest of the trio.

Dogs kiss their brother

The family had arranged with their vet to perform at-home euthanasia on Sef. This way, Sef will be surrounded by his loving family as he leaves this world peacefully. Since morning, Rhonin and Jaina kept giving kisses to Sef, as if they knew what will happen. Sef spent his final moments and left calmly and peacefully, while his family kept telling him how strongly he is loved.

Dogs kiss their brother

The other two dogs, Rhonin and Jaina, are a 5-year-old male and a 2-year-old female. Their owner revealed that after Sef’s departure, the other two dogs were sad. Sef’s owners hope that people who are moved by Sef’s goodbye would consider showing support and donating to dog rescues. So, what are your thoughts about this story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image credits: Rawtashk / Reddit

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