Dog Carrying On A Secret Relationship Gets Caught By Owner

Murphy is an adorable happy-go-lucky dog and making new friends is his favorite thing to do. He is always friendly with almost all of the animals he meets, and he never runs away from them. However, one of Murphy’s closest relationships was a secret to his owner, Jo-Hannah Jamieson.

Two months ago, Jo-Hannah took Murphy to the backyard as she does every day so that Murphy can take care of his business. However, what Jo-Hannah witnessed was totally unexpected. She noticed that in addition to his ‘business’, Murphy was receiving lots of love too.

Dog's secret relationship

Jo-Hannah kept observing what was going on that day. After some time, the pup made a beeline to the back of the yard. After that, someone’s hand came out from one of the openings of the fence. The hand kept petting and scratching the endearing pup, showering him with lots of love and affection.

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Without a doubt, the hand belongs to Jo-Hannah’s neighbor. Jo-Hannah has no idea about the exact time this relationship began, but she’s sure that it’s been going on for some time. She states that whenever she lets Murphy out, Murphy goes to the back, looking for the neighbor. Jo-Hannah believes that her neighbor pets Murphy at least once every day. Although Murphy receives loads of cuddles and snuggles from his owner, he just can’t seem to get enough of the neighbor’s hand.

Dog's secret relationship

When asked if she feels bad about Murphy’s huge preference for the neighbor, Jo-Hannah is very understanding. She says that with lockdown and ‘work from home’, Murphy has been only getting her company. So, Murphy might have needed someone else’s affection for a change. Jo-Hannah is happy to see Murphy socializing, and she’s glad that her neighbors love him. When the situation is back to normal, she hopes to meet up with the owner of the hand.

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