This Man Sends His GF These Pics Whenever She Asks If Their Baby Is OK

Kenny Deuss, a man from Antwerp, Belgium, became a father less than two years ago. However, despite being new to parenting, he has already mastered the art of ‘dad jokes.’

Both Kenny and his girlfriend have always had sort of a fun-filled, not-so-strict approach towards their relationship, as well as parenting.

Kenny’s girlfriend gave birth to an adorable daughter less than two years ago. At times, Kenny would look after their daughter alone. At such moments, his girlfriend would contact him and ask if their little baby was doing alright. When this continued, the dad developed a unique to respond assure the wellbeing of their bundle of joy. Kenny started to reply to his wife with pictures of himself and the baby, making the best use out of his camera and photoshop skills.

#1 IKEA Feels Like Home

#2 The Baby Loves Balloons

#3 Dad Wanted Me To Fix Electricity

#4 Look At My New Friend!

#5 Chit-Chatting With Uncle Donald

#6 My First Ever Skate Session Was Amazing!

#7 It’s the Laundry Day!

The most wholesome factor of this is; the friendly and easy-going relationship between the father and the daughter. It’s obvious that the two are having a great time together.

Apart from editing Alix into unusual scenarios, Kenny is employed at a small concert hall called Kavka. He also works as a music composer and is part of an electronic post-rock band called The Compleat Angler.

#8 Dad ‘Passed Out’

#9 This Is The Wrong Door

#10 Off I Go Through The Dessert!

#11 Rainy Days Are The Worst Days

#12 I’m In Space Now!

#13 Storytime With Dad

#14 You’re Never Too Young To Learn Driving

#15 Look, I’m On TV!

#16 Went To The Store To Buy Toilet Paper

#17 It’s My Turn To Cook Today, And This Is My Attempt On A Traditional Dish

#18 I Can’t Find My Breakfast!

#19 It’s Cleaning Time!

#20 At Least Wildlife Is Returning To Antwerp Parks

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