Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Two Coca-Cola Bottles With Water At Euro 2020 Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer legend, credits part of his massive success in the field to his strict, healthy diet. When Ronaldo made his appearance at the Euro 2020 press conference on Monday, he found a couple of Coca-Cola bottles in front of him. Needless to say, this made him annoyed.

Ronaldo’s seat was next to Portugal manager Fernando Santos. Sitting down, Ronaldo put the Coca-Cola bottles away with a grumpy expression on his face. After that, he picked up a bottle of water, showed it to the cameras, and said “Agua!”, which means water in Portuguese. Adding to that, just moments before the press conference, he said “Coca-cola, ugh”.

Coca-Cola has been sponsoring international soccer tournaments for a long time. Even in Euro 2020, Coca-Cola was one of the six main sponsors, alongside TikTok and Heineken.

Ronaldo spoke to the press on Tuesday, prior to Portugal’s opening Euro 2020 game against Hungary. He has previously voiced his dislike towards unhealthy snacks and drinks such as Coca-Cola. At the 2020 Globe Soccer Awards, Ronaldo revealed that his son Cristiano Jr. likes to drink the beverage and that it irritates him. The 36-year-old soccer star is known to consume six healthy meals daily, for his own diet.

Ronaldo starts his day with a selection of hams, cheeses, and yogurt. Later in the morning, he snacks on avocado toast. The rest of his day is powered by two lunches and two dinners. These include meals such as steak, chicken salad, and fresh fish. Ronaldo doesn’t mind eating chocolates once in a while. However, fizzy drinks are a huge no-no.

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